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Former bank building in Sykesville goes back out to bid

Nov 09, 2023

The former Northwest Bank building is pictured in Sykesville.

SYKESVILLE — The Sykesville Borough Council reopened the matter of the former bank building because the previous bid recipient allegedly failed to meet closing requirements, even after a one-week extension.

In the first round of bids for the former Northwest Bank building, the borough received four bids, and awarded to the highest bidder at the time, Peter Kennis. Kennis reportedly failed to complete the sale, causing the building to go back to bid for a second time.

"We’re now in a position, since Mr. Kennis did not complete the sale, given the one-week extension he was granted, nothing happened, nothing came of it. So, I’ve redrafted the ad," said Michele Yamrick, council president.

Yamrick read a revised version of the ad set to run in the newspaper, calling for bids and offering tours by appointment only. Bidders can contact the borough office at 814-892-2406 with questions or to schedule a tour. The building is about 2,500 square feet and is being sold "as is."

The minimum bid is again set at $50,000, which is the same as the first round of bids. The council will once again require a certified cashier's check for 10 percent of the person's bid to secure the property.

Vice President Elaine Fike asked if the borough is required to award the highest bidder. Solicitor Nicholas Gianvito said the council can reject bids if they come from irresponsible bidders.

"If the highest bid does not come from a responsible bidder, you can reject it," Gianvito said.

Bids are due to the borough by 4 p.m. Friday, June 30. All bids should be submitted to the Sykesville Borough at 21 E. Main St.

Bids will be opened during the July 3 council meeting. The winning bidder will have 90 days to close the sale, and assumes responsibility for all closing costs and title search.

Borough foreman's report

Borough Foreman Brian Williams reported some larger expenditures since the last meeting to repair the pumps and bubbler system at the lift station.

"The bubbler system went down at the lift station, and I had to run it by hand. We didn't get the bill for it yet, but it's around $10,000. Last Thursday we replaced the pumps in there, we get them rebuilt like we do every year," Williams said.

He said there was also a check valve that broke, and needs to be replaced once he gets a quote for it.

Yamrick said this was a large ticket item that could get the borough in trouble with the Department of Environmental Protection, and has to be fixed right away, which is why the council wasn't asked about the purchase before it was made.

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Borough foreman's report