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Taurus G3 Tactical Striker

May 07, 2023

In 2019, Taurus released the G3, a medium-sized pistol that features the same restrike capability found in the G2 series. Taurus continued to expand its G3 series with the G3c, G3X, G3XL, and their T.O.R.O. variations.

T.O.R.O., which stands for Taurus Optic Ready Option, uses interchangeable optic mounting plates for the most common red dots on the market. Compatible mounting patterns include Docter, Venom, FastFire (plate 1); Trijicon RMR, Holosun HS407C/HS507C (plate 2); C-MORE STS2 (plate 3); and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro (plate 4).

One feature I like about the T.O.R.O. system is that you screw the red dot directly into the slide through the mounting plates. This system provides a stronger mount that will withstand the rigors of use.

In 2022, Taurus took the G3 design a step further with the G3 Tactical. The G3 Tactical ships ready for duty with design features that accept user-installed aftermarket upgrades. The G3 Tactical's receiver is manufactured in Magpul FDE, and the slide is complemented with an element-resistant Patriot Brown Cerakote finish. The G3 Tactical is offered in either 10- or 17-round magazine configurations.

With the growing use of suppressors and compensators, the G3 Tactical comes with a factory-threaded ½-28 DLC-coated barrel. The Diamond-Like Coating's reduced friction ensures smooth operation and increased durability. Installation of a custom muzzle device or suppressor is a simple process, and a thread protector is included for use when the barrel is run without accessories.

To accommodate the use of a suppressor or red dot, the G3 Tactical comes with tall co-witness open sights. These offer a clear sight picture when used in combination with most suppressors and muzzle devices and provide the much-needed backup sighting solution in case of red-dot failure.

So, what exactly is the re-strike capability mentioned earlier? This allows the shooter to pull the trigger a second time in the case of a failure to fire. This kind of malfunction rarely happens, but it's nice to have in case Mr. Murphy strikes during a self-defense scenario.

What about the trigger itself? The G-Series trigger is a two-stage system that features a light uptake to the wall followed by a crisp break. The trigger is further enhanced by a short reset for faster reengagement. This is one feature that I took full advantage of during my range test.

For testing, I took the G3 Tactical to my local indoor range, C2 Tactical in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I tested the pistol with Fiocchi 115-grain FMJ and Federal Syntech Range 115-grain ammunition.

Before red-dot installation, I ran Gunsite's School Drill with the G3 Tactical. The School Drill is a simple training aid where you shoot 10 rounds from 3, 5, 10, and 15 yards. The G3 Tactical performed flawlessly with both brands of ammunition, exhibiting zero malfunctions and excellent accuracy.

After shooting four drills, I went to work on accuracy. For my accuracy tests, I installed a TRUGLO TRU•TEC micro red-dot sight. This red dot is an economical option that is offered in both red and green dots. I set my Ransom International Multi Cal Steady Rest on the bench and did my testing at a distance of 10 yards.

I shot several five-round groups. Both ammunition types performed great, with the Federal Syntech Range giving me a 1.3-inch group and the Fiocchi FMJ a 1.55-inch group.

After accuracy testing, I had some fun with the G3 Tactical. I installed a TANDEMKROSS Game Changer Pro 9mm compensator. The reason for choosing the TANDEMKROSS compensator is that it's installed using a rubber O-ring that allows you to install and remove it without tools or thread locker. After many years of shooting USPSA Open Division, I can tell the efficiency of a compensator by the design itself, and this compensator didn't disappoint. Firing multiple boxes of ammunition with the TRUGLO sight and the TANDEMKROSS compensator on the G3 Tactical was fun.

I came into this review already liking the G3 series of pistols. I like the grip texture and circumference. I like the grip angle. I like the fact that it takes SIG P226, 228, and 229 magazines. And, as I mentioned before, I like the T.O.R.O. system. Even though I didn't test this pistol with a suppressor, I like the flexibility provided by the new threaded barrel.

Performance aside, looks also matter. The combination of the Magpul FDE frame with the Patriot Brown Cerakote finish take this Taurus offering to a new level. This finish was flawlessly applied and puts an aesthetic touch to this already accurate and reliable pistol.

If you’re looking for a great pistol for the range or self-defense, the new Taurus G3 Tactical is worth a second look.

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