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2024 Kawasaki KX112 Guide • Total Motorcycle

Dec 10, 2023

Introducing the 2024 Kawasaki KX112…

The KX112 is Supermini class ready with its class-maximum 112cc engine tuned to deliver strong torque for strong drive out of the gate and corners and model-specific shrouds designed to accommodate the typically taller racers in this class. Like all Kawasaki KX motocross machines, the KX112 is ready to propel its rider to the top of the podium.

The 2024 KX112 offers race-winning potential in a highly competitive class, boasting a strong low-end torque that riders can take advantage of to feel faster everywhere on the track.

The two-stroke, single-cylinder KX112 features a bore and stroke of 52.5 x 51.6 mm. The engine paired with the powervalve system delivers strong low-end torque that translates to holeshot performance out of the starting gate and a stronger drive when exiting corners. Intake and exhaust port timing contribute to the KX112's strong low rpm torque, while its piston profile delivers durability and contact surface for the piston ring helps the initial bedding-in performance. The carburetor settings have been fine-tuned to match the powerful engine and contribute to sharp response across the rev range. Complementing the powerful 112cc engine is a 6-speed transmission that has been designed to withstand the engine output.

A sturdy high-tensile steel perimeter frame was designed to harness the engine's power, offering advantages of strength and torsional rigidity that allows riders to push hard on the track. The chassis is matched with 36mm inverted front forks that offer excellent damping and bottoming resistance. Riders can fine-tune their settings through 20-way adjustable compression damping. On the rear, Uni-Trak rear suspension offers preload, 24-way compression and 21-way rebound damping adjustability in order to allow each rider to tailor their settings based on size and skill level.

The KX112's large 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels nicely bridge the gap between minibikes and full-sized race bikes, accommodating larger youth riders and helping to navigate over the bumps and ruts commonly found on motocross tracks. The wheels are fitted with Dunlop MX33 tires that offer excellent grip and control. The bodywork of the KX112 follows along the lines of its bigger KX counterparts by forming a slim ergonomics package that facilitates rider movements and contributes to strong factory looks.

Bridge the gap to full-size bikes with the KX112 motocross bike. We’re pushing the limits with a large 112cc two-stroke engine on this supermini. Prep your aspiring rider to transition to big bikes with a winning combination of proportionate power, lightweight handling and an optimized chassis.

LEVEL UPGet ready to do big things on this supermini. The KX112 motorcycle is here to win with agile lightweight handling and a class leading 112cc 2-stroke engine. Perfect for aspiring racers who are ready to take their dreams to the next level.

CUSTOM-FITERGO-FIT adjustable components like an adjustable handlebar mounting system allows riders to tailor fit their riding style and size by selecting from six different possible handlebar positions.

FIT TO WINYoung riders will experience added confidence with improved ergonomics, a narrow frame profile, and an adjustable ride position designed to accommodate a wide range of rider heights.

STAY GROUNDEDDunlop MX33 tires offer excellent grip, slide control, bump absorption and durability. Large 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels contribute to a taller overall seat height and higher ground clearance (compared to KX85) that's well suited for supermini riders.

TAKE FIRSTSupermini wheels, MX33 Dunlop tires, and disc brakes give the KX112 enhanced grip and stopping power. Riders can fine tune settings with an adjustable suspension and rely on a sturdy perimeter frame to help them push hard during long motos.

RADIATOR SHROUDSBoasting both functionality and bold looks, the new radiator shroud design facilitates rider control and movement while embracing an aggressive factory-inspired style.

AGGRESSIVE KX LOOKSFactory-inspired styling shows off the race-winning potential while allowing aspiring racers to look just like their Kawasaki heroes as they race to follow in their footsteps.

The Kawasaki KX motocross and off-road motorcycle range returns stronger than ever for 2024 with its championship-winning packages.Leading the way is the KX250 motorcycle with a powerful 249cc engine, electric start, KYB suspension, and a coned disc-spring hydraulic clutch that have led to a championship heritage that boasts 18 AMA professional titles and 196 race wins since 2004.

Joining the KX250 is its KX250X cross-country motorcycle that has been purposely tuned for off-road competition. Developed to dominate off-road racecourses in both the woods and the desert, the cross-country KX lineup offers riders the required components for off-road competition straight from Kawasaki along with the dominant engine and chassis performance found on the KX250.

Kawasaki's mini motocross lineup consisting of the KX112, KX85, and KX65 motorcycles returns for 2024 and is ingrained with a long list of achievements that have stemmed from building champions from the start. The KX112 supermini racer bridges the gap to full-size motocross bikes and boasts a powerful 112cc displacement engine, the largest in its class. It's joined by the KX85, which shares much of the same technology found on the KX112. The KX65 returns as the most compact bike in the Kawasaki KX lineup and the starting point for aspiring champions.

The Kawasaki Team Green racing team has been the dominant force in amateur racing for nearly four decades, providing contingency and an unmatched level of trackside support to racers across the nation. Under the Team Green racing program, a trackside support system consisting of local, regional, and amateur motocross and off-road events across the country has been put in place. There, Kawasaki technicians and race transporters can be found providing critical parts and technical assistance to all riders. Kawasaki's efforts, matched with the input from aspiring young stars, have produced winning products across its lineup.

High-Performance 2-Stroke Engine* Intake and exhaust port timing contributes to the strong low-rpm torque.• The bridges between the intake and exhaust ports are machine finished for better resistance to seizure.• The exhaust port window is designed to boost port velocity and the large outlet increases flow for more mid-range and top-end power.• Carbon fiber reeds aid throttle response. The direction of the fibers is at a 45° angle to tune the flexibility of the reeds for precise response.* Carburettor settings optimized to match the engine.• Optional carburetor tuning jests are included so the user can optimize performance based on ridding conditions.* Long stroke engine contributes to strong lowend torque for holeshot performance and strong drive out of corners.* Intake and exhaust port timing contributes to the strong lowrpm torque.• [A] Single-ring piston reduces friction and improves engine response.* Piston profile designed to help prevent the chance of seizure.* Contact surface for the piston ring where it contacts the cylinder bore contributes to initial bedding-in performance.• [B] Resin blocks in the crankshaft boost primary compression pressure for more power, while the crankshaft is weighted for maximum rigidityand durability.* Connecting rod length helps reduce the lateral force on the piston for more efficient power generation.• [C] Exhaust and scavenging port shapes help boost power.• [C] The cylinder is Nikasil plated for increased durability.• [D] Large radiator for optimum cooling performance.* Large water jacket optimizes cooling efficiency.• Lightweight flywheel with rare-earth magnets enhances low-end engine response.

Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System(KP)• [E] Two-piece exhaust valve improves sealing performance and contributes to engine performance.• The KIPS system controls exhaust port height for increased horsepower and torque.• Breather in KIPS cover relieves exhaust pressure for more precise KIPS valve action and improved high rpm performance.• KIPS lever stopper spring absorbs governor "over stroke" for added durability.• The KIPS governor has a long stroke to open the cylinder valves more fully. A governor spring and 8mm bearing boss add durability.

6-Speed Transmission• Transmission shafts spline design not only adds durability but also helps make shifting smooth.• Thrust washer system enhances lubrication and reduces friction.• Strong gear engagement dogs contribute to a positive shifting feel.• The ends of the shift forks are hard-chrome finished for durability.

High Tensile Steel Perimeter Frame(KP)• Sturdy perimeter frame, designed to harness the engine's power, provides strength and torsional rigidity so that riders can push hard on the track.

Roomy, Adjustable Ergonomics• [F] Flat seat fits atop fuel tank to allow the rider freedom of movement.• [G] Handlebar is held by six-way adjustable clamps. Rotating the clamps allows 10mm movement forward, and the height can be raised five or 10mm by installing one or two 5mm shims between the clamp and triple clamp.* [H] Radiator shroud design efficiently directs air to the radiator, contributing to cooling performance. The shrouds are also designed to accommodate a wide range of riders and make it easier for taller riders to find a good fit on the bike.• Shroud and side number plates also help provide freedom of movement.• The gas tank is positioned to improve handling and lower the center of gravity.• Wide footpegs for excellent control. Made of cast steel for strength and use 10mm pivots for durability.

• [K] Petal discs reduce unsprung weight and help clean the brake pads for more efficient braking performance.

* Dunlop MX33 tires provide excellent grip, slide control, bump absorption and durability.

Engine Type 2-Stroke, Liquid-Cooled, Reed Valve, Single with KIPSDisplacement 112ccBore & Stroke 52.5 x 51.6 mmCompression Ratio Variable 9.9-8.6:1Carburetor Keihin PWK28Ignition Digital CDITransmission 6-SpeedRake/Trail 29°/4.3 in.Front Wheel Travel 10.8 in.Rear Wheel Travel 10.8 in.Front Tire Size 70/100-19Rear Tire Size 90/100-16Front Suspension 36mm Inverted Cartridge Fork with 20-PositionCompression Damping AdjustmentRear Suspension Uni-Trak with Adjustable Preload, 24-PositionCompression & 21-Position Rebound Damping AdjustmentWheelbase 51.6 in.Front Brake Type DiscRear Brake Type DiscFuel Tank Capacity 1.3 gal.Ground Clearance 13.0 in.Seat Height 34.3 in.Curb Weight= 169.7 lb.Specifications subject to change without notice.Ask about Kawasaki's Team Green amateur rider support program.(KP)= See Kaw-Pedia section for more details.* = Changes from previous model year. = = Includes all necessary materials and fluids to operate correctly, full tank of fuel (more than 90% of capacity) and tool kit (if supplied).

POWEREngine 112cc, liquid-cooled, 2-stroke single with KIPSBore x Stroke 52.5 x 51.6 mmCompression Ratio 9.9:1 (low speed), 8.6:1 (high speed)Induction Piston reed valveFuel System Carburettor: Keihin PWK28Ignition Digital-CDIStarting Primary kickLubrication Pre-mix (32:1)Transmission 6-speed, returnClutch Wet multi-disc, manualFinal Drive Chain

PERFORMANCEFrame Perimeter, high-tensile steelFront Suspension / Wheel Travel ø36 mm inverted fork with adjustable compression damping / 275 mm (10.8 in)Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Uni Trak with adjustable compression and rebound damping and adjustable spring preload / 275 mm (10.8 in)Rake / Trail 29.0° / 108 mmSteering Angle (L/R) 45° / 45°Front Tire 70/100-19 42MRear Tire 90/100-16 51MFront Brake ø220 mm petal disc with dual-piston caliperRear Brake ø184 mm petal disc with single-piston caliper

DETAILSDimensions (L x W x H) 1,920 x 765 x 1,150 mm (75.6 x 30.1 x 45.3 in)Wheelbase 1,310 mm (51.6 in)Road Clearance 330 mm (13.0 in)Seat Height 870 mm (34.3 in)Curb Mass** 77.0 kg (170 lb)Mass Without Fuel 73.3 kg (162 lb)Fuel Capacity 5.0 litres


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