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Santa Cruz Villagers in the South Suffer Water Shortage for Three Days

Apr 24, 2023

The cry for water from villagers in the South is only growing louder. Santa Cruz has been out of water for three days, and villagers are only growing concerned. The lack of water has been an issue, and Love News spoke to Chairman, Vincent Scott on how the village has suffered and what is happening to fix this issue.

Vincent Scott, Chairman of Santa Cruz: "Here we have basically like three days where we have this issue with the pump and well since the issue started I went through and called Mr. Galvez and also the area rep to make sure that they notify them. Today we delivered some water to the school to make sure that the school could remain open. Yesterday we were hoping to get it back or restore the water yesterday so we didn't make any move. When we saw we couldn't get in yesterday today we made sure that early in the morning the school had water to run because once there is no water in the school automatically has to close. Right now I could tell you that the school has enough water to run up until tomorrow and so up until tomorrow they have water right now."

Scott, also stated the water issue is a result of the growth of population and hopes to resolve this with the implementation of new pumps so this issue does not reoccur.

Vincent Scott, Chairman of Santa Cruz: "We were supposed to get the pump today and tomorrow earliest we are supposed to have it down in the well. Santa Cruz village due to the rapid growth of the village we always had water issues. This one now due to the situation now is that we had changed the pump before and had an issue with the check valve and then this time the report shows the check valve the same issue was with the check valve and that's what caused the pump to malfunction. We are hoping not to have this happen again but we normally when something like this happens we call Mr. Galvez or and we get professional to come in check it out and based on their recommendation is what we do to make sure that we don't repeat the same problem over and over."

It is to be noted that the Ministry of Rural Transformation announced late this evening that a brand new pump and motor was handed over to the Santa Cruz Water Board in the Stann Creek District. Love News understands that it will be installed tomorrow.