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This golf app promises to turn your game from frustrating to fun

May 14, 2023

Looking for a little help on the links this spring? You might want to add a new golf caddie app to your golf bag.

Developed by Western University alumnus Eileen Jurczak, the Xonic Golf iTQ golf app uses artificial intelligence to give golfers quick tips to correct their swing while they're on the course.

"I was out a few years ago playing a fairly decent round of golf and in the middle of nowhere, I started slicing the ball," said Jurczak, who is a life-long golfer with a 10 handicap.

"I tried everything in that moment and over those next couple holes to fix the slice. I just remember thinking in that moment, if I just had a caddy with me who could say, 'I know your swing. Just try this,' I could have fixed my problem right away."

That's when Jurczak decided to use her passion for golf, and her background in engineering and business to create a virtual caddie and swing coach.

"I put together an amazing team and after a few crazy years of just hard work and and determination and challenges, we've come up with the iTQ," she said.

LISTEN | Xonic Golf founder Eileen Jurczak talks about creating a caddie and swing coach app:

Users upload two videos of their swing and the app does an analysis to determine swing type. The AI then uses the personal swing data to provide tips that have been guided by input from PGA professionals.

"All you do is you click the club that you're using and then select the issue that you're having from a list of options," said Jurczak. "Get your tip, then you try it."

After the shot, users let the app know if it worked or not, which informs the algorithm for future play.

"The AI algorithms use computer vision, and that's the part of the app that analyzes your swing like a golf pro would. That's the same technology that is used by driverless cars."

So far, Jurczak said they've received positive feedback from their users and were recognized as one of the world's top 10 most innovative companies in sports for 2023 from Fast Company.

For more, visit the Xonic Golf website.

LISTEN | Xonic Golf founder Eileen Jurczak talks about creating a caddie and swing coach app: